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Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response

Globaliist Inc. offers consulting services in the following areas:

Emergency Management, Emergency Planning and Emergency Preparedness Services

  • Continuity of Operations/Business Continuity Plan Development
  • All-Hazards (Emergency Operations) Plan Development
  • Occupant Emergency Plan Development
  • Organizational and Community/Country Capacity and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Site and Staff Security Assessments

Disaster Response Services

  • Immediate on-site response following major natural or man-made disasters
  • Provide advice, project management, and leadership to governments, NGOs and the private sector on response and recovery operations.

Humanitarian Information Systems

  • Expert and experienced deployment and customization/localization services for the Sahana Disaster Management System.

Tests, Training and Exercises

  • Tabletop and Functional Emergency Exercise Development, Facilitation and Evaluation
  • Emergency Preparedness Training
  • Training in organizational emergency plans.
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