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Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response

Emergency Management, Planning and PreparednessTurkey 1998

  • Project Executive and lead Subject Matter Expert for the design and implementation of an integrated country capacity and vulnerability assessment for use by a major international nongovernmental organization.
  • Project Executive for Emergency Services Contract with a major U.S. City Agency, providing ongoing immediate readiness, emergency planning and preparedness services to City Agencies.
  • Project Executive and lead Subject Matter Expertise for review of the a major U.S. City’s Points of Dispensing (POD) Plan for mass prophylaxis following a bio-terrorism event..
  • Project Executive and lead Subject Matter Expertise for a major U.S. City’s Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Project, developed City-specific methodology following federal guidelines.
  • Project Manager for Assessment, Planning and Preparedness Project for a major U.S. City’s IT Agency; conducted gap analysis and drafted Agency’s All-Hazards (Emergency Operations) Plan.
  • Led 3-month assessment of Government of Taiwan’s disaster response agencies’ capacity following 1999 earthquake; authored 2000 study recommending organizational and technological infrastructure changes.
  • Consultant to Rocky Mountain Institute’s Sustainable Settlements (2002) and Information Technology (2001) Charrettes, bringing together leaders from the aid community with sustainable development practitioners to seek ways to better manage refugee settlements.

Humanitarian Relief ManagementRefugees in Ngara, Tanzania, 1994

  • Led Crisis Response Team Mission to Pakistan following 2005 Kashmir earthquake to review the relief operation on behalf of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • Led Crisis Response Team Mission to India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia following the 2004 Asian tsunami to initiate corporate relief project efforts in the region.
  • Directed corporate humanitarian response to the 2001 Gujarat earthquake in India; implemented a commodity-tracking system to coordinate government relief efforts.
  • Provided recommendations to the Government of Ecuador and municipal government to coordinate their response to volcanic activity near Quito in 1999.
  • Performed liaison between UNHCR and Operation Support Hope Task Force Command and ensuing military command structures to secure daily UN and NGO staff and cargo access to US and other military aircraft assets responding to the Rwanda refugee emergency.
  • Managed tasking of UNHCR's aircraft supporting humanitarian relief in the Great Lakes region of Africa, including contract administration, scheduling, and passenger and cargo manifesting.
  • Led assessment mission to Ngara, Tanzania, April-July 1994, writing daily situation reports detailing the needs of the emergency humanitarian response to the Rwandan refugee crisis.
  • Program Officer for the $50 million Soros Humanitarian Fund for Bosnia, 1992-1994; led missions to review UNHCR and UNPROFOR humanitarian relief operation in Central Bosnia, Sarajevo, and Croatia.

Humanitarian Information SystemsCommodity Tracking, Turkey, 1999

  • Project Management Committee (PMC) member to the Sahana Disaster Management Software, leading open-source humanitarian software first used in Sri Lanka in 2005 following the Asian tsunami.
  • Project Executive for development of Sahana Shelter Management System application for a major U.S. City’s emergency management agency, which supports staffing assignment and evacuee registration for the City’s Coastal Storm Plan.
  • Supported deployment of Sahana to Pakistan (2005 earthquake), the Philippines (2006 mudslides), Indonesia (2006 earthquake), Peru (2007 earthquake), and Bangladesh (2007 cyclone).
  • Consulted with the United Nations Joint Logistics Center (UNJLC) during 2004 to evaluate logistics software, including field deployment during 2004 Triplex Exercise.
  • Designed a disaster relief management and commodity-tracking system for the Government of Venezuela following massive landslides and severe flooding in 1999.
  • Designed and implemented a medical commodity-tracking system for the Turkish Ministry of Health following the 1999 Kocaeli earthquake.
  • Consulted with United Nations agencies in East Timor on disaster information management systems to better coordinate humanitarian relief efforts in 1999.
  • Managed USG support to the World Health Organization’s Health Information Network for Advanced Planning (HINAP) from 1999-2000, including database design, architecture, and collaborative tools.

Tests, Training and ExercisesMark Prutsalis and Cyprien Hiniolwa (WFP) at Exercise Strong Angel, 2000

  • Designed a training program for and delivered end-user training in the Sahana Shelter Management System for a major U.S. City’s emergency management agency in 2007.
  • Designed a training program for and delivered training for a major U.S. City’s Agency staff in Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning methodology in 2007.
  • Designed and delivered a tabletop exercise to seven City agencies and two utilities on the impacts of a category 3 hurricane on a major U.S. City’s IT and telecommunications infrastructure in 2007.
  • Assisted in planning and scenario design for the 2000 Strong Angel I exercise, a humanitarian assistance exercise sponsored by the U.S. Navy’s Third Fleet during RIMPAC 2000 on the Island of Hawaii; coordinated UN agency participation in the exercise.
  • Trained NGO staff in emergency communications procedures and equipment for WorldVision and World Relief as part of a weeklong security-training course in 1999.
  • Trained UN and NGO staff, jointly with WFP's Kampala, Uganda office, in the use of HF and VHF radio systems for transmitting electronic mail in 1998.
  • Managed emergency communications training for UNICEF staff during Emergency Response Capacity training in Bamako, Mali in 1998.

Emergency CommunicationsHonduras after Hurricane Mitch 1998

  • Designed and managed a regional emergency communications network for UN Agencies responding to the Hurricane Mitch emergency in Central America in 1998.
  • Advised on communications issues to tripartite (UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR) assessment team mission on lessons learned in the Great Lakes Region for 1996-7, in Kampala, Nairobi and New York, 1997.
  • Managed integration of UNICEF’s wireless communications technologies with UNICEF standard messaging system and global virtual private data network provider (SITA).

Site and Staff Security

  • Led communications and security assessment missions for UNICEF offices in Nairobi, Kenya in 1997; and jointly with WFP for Operation Lifeline Sudan in Kenya and Sudan in 1998.
  • Consulted with United Nations agencies UNICEF, WPF, UNHCR, and OCHA on a security incident reporting system for UN offices around the world.
  • Contributed recommendations to UN Agency Task Force on Minimum Field Security Communications Standards for the Safety and Security of UN Agency Staff.
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